taeyeon at the holler showcase

109/500 pictures of Yoona’s Ethereal Beauty.

Only you tts 가을여자로 변신~~짜잔 가을엔 역시 트렌치코트 인가봐요 아름답네요 @burberry#burberry#버버리#트렌치코트#가을여자#태티서#온리유#only you#인기가요

xolovestephi on instagram

[TRANS by thatssosoo] I liked the performance a lot. Taetiseo, I luv u

softly touching lips, a kiss that sweetly melts like cotton candy. i’ll close my eyes for you, so i can only hear you 

140831 Jessica by Heavenly Forest

what snsd decides to give to lucky fans of 最强天团 | yoona

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