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"I know that our fans have waited long for TTS to come back, but it’s we who were more eagerly waiting for the comeback than anyone else. We couldn’t wait to get back on stage." - Taeyeon

174-175-176/ of my Queen

80-81 Im Yoona

Hi everyone! Here’s our fourth (and probably the last) giveaway~

1st Prize Winner:

☆ Any SNSD DVD of your choice (fansite fancam dvds count)

2nd Prize Winner:

☆ Any SNSD photobook of your choice (fansite pbs count)

3rd Prize Winner:

☆ Any SNSD/TTS album + folded poster (if available) of your choice


☆ You may reblog/like this post as much as you like.

☆ Do not make a separate account just to reblog this giveaway (that’s cheating).

☆ Following is not optional, this giveaway was created for our followers.

☆ Winners must have enabled their ask box.

☆ The winners must respond to the message within 48 hours or I will choose someone else.

Please feel free to message me with any questions or concerns. The prize you’d like to choose does not have to be in the picture. I will be shipping internationally. The winner will be chosen randomly with an online number generator.

The giveaway will end on November 30, 2014. Good luck everyone ♥

Reasons to stan Kim Hyoyeon [part 5]


Holler 5th Win Taetiseo Winner for Music Core

geudaegil barae yo

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